Every step of the journey moves us towards regeneration, even those which seem destructive, dangerous, even deadly. 

As I was relistening to Joseph Campbell's iconic Power of Myth interviews with Bill Moyers, I heard him describe how I was wrestling with these post election times and the power and energy constellated by someone whose behavior I considered "monsterous." "By a monster I mean someone who breaks all of your standards for harmony and ethical conduct." Campbell illuminates the functions of monsters, who often carry our own disowned power and shadow, as well as the necessity of destructive acts.

By offering space for new growth--often via grief--these change agents are rarely pretty, welcome, or thanked for their often essentially ground breaking contribution. In a strange type of participation mystique, we are bound by our unacknowledged shadows to the monstrous which feeds on them. This tremendous opportunity to see, reclaim, and incorporate our (usually invisible) shadows is a profound gift of dark, even dangerous, times.