Cary-Yale Tarot, The Lovers     15th Century

Personal Mythology Analysis

April's mythological reading and breakdown was so enriching. She really listened to my interpretations of experiences and asked lots of questions, helping me to process the information I was expressing. Using her charts simplified and clarified aspects of myself and my story. I feel more confident, aware, and in touch with myself moving forward after working with her. Using her expertise in mythology, astrology, tarot, and energy, I have been able to integrate different aspects of myself, moving closer and closer to more understanding and acceptance. I've gotten more out of my sessions with April than I have with other forms of “therapy.”

                               - Mallory Spencer,

                                 Yoga Instructor


April has been one of the greatest mentors of my life. It is with her that I learned how to speak, the power of words, what strength showers are, and to be thankful for everything--including bills. I wish all of humanity could have the privilege of having classes taught by her (I had many--from Women's History to Gender + the Environment) or the one-on-one coaching and group work that I was blessed to be a part of with her. The world would be a more compassionate place.

                                    - Tara Cheney

Charles IV / Gringonneur Tarot, Strength     15th Century   

Charles IV / Gringonneur Tarot, Strength     15th Century   


I highly recommend April's classes to anyone on the path of personal transformation and spiritual journey. Her classes balance beautifully the intellectual and the visceral, the academic and the feeling, the cerebral and the healing. She caters to diverse understandings and cares deeply about creating an experience from which all participants can derive value. She goes out of her way to make sure people get what they need and want from her classes, regardless of age, experience, or level of education. Her curriculum is well-structured to hold flexibility for themes that emerge from the lives and experiences of class participants. Her knowledge of mythology and psychology is rooted and integrated in a knowledge of self that couldn't be more apparent. Her ability to walk with others on their journeys through learning and healing comes so obviously from her ability to walk through on her own.

                                    - Dr. Hilary Booker